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My name is Molly Russell and I am currently a student, studying Apparel Design at Oregon State University's College of Business.


I have aspirations to work in high fashion and tour styling. I would like to bring the idea of sustainability and low waste to the high fashion industry. The industry is notorious for contributing to large amount of fabric waste with single use or single focus designs, and I would love to explore the possibilities of expanding sustainability in this setting. I am always looking to grow my community in this industry and to experience every opportunity that is thrown my way.​

Another issue I am passionate about in fashion is accessibility. I believe all people should have access to clothing they love and that make them feel like themselves. I would love to work on a project that brings style and fashion to accessible clothing, and that brings accessible clothing to the consumer!

Personally, I am a lover of all the arts, and you can find me enjoying some form on my off time. From painting and drawing to concerts, the theatre, and sporting events, I like to experience the things that bring people joy. 


Study Abroad

Florence, Italy

I spent the fall of 2022 studying fashion design at Accademia Italiana in Florence.


With classes ranging from The History of 20th Century Fashion to Fashion Sketching, I not only got to learn from designers and creatives in the Italian apparel industry, but I also got to experience full emersion in another culture. I got to partake in trips around the country and meet people with different goals and dreams while learning at the Accademia. I believe it is an experience that strongly shaped me as a designer.

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